Update 3/10/2020:

We appreciate everyone reaching out to ask the status of SwingJam during the current Corona virus outbreak. Our weekend is still planned to go forward although we continue to closely monitor any changes to the situation. The Crowne Plaza is located in Concord California, Contra Costa County, well out of the zones of suggested restrictions in Santa Clara and San Francisco counties. We recognize though that there are a lot of concerns about the safety of the attendees during the event, and so I’ve outlined below the measures we are putting in place for the hotel, the event, and the attendees to follow.

In addition, we’ve added two new passes catered to dancers in the more at-risk categories and who choose to voluntarily restrict their participation further:

The Audit Only Pass $100: This pass allows an attendee to attend any workshops through the weekend to observe and audit only, they may not participate in the exercises, and they may not social dance. This allows those concerned about physical contact to remain separate from the group while still getting a chance to absorb the material.

The Recap Video Pass $50: Open to both attendees and non-attendees, purchasers will be provided with access to download the video recaps from every workshop through the weekend. For those unable to attend the event, or just wanting a recap of one workshop while they attend another, this offers you a complete review of all the fantastic information available this weekend.

Measures the event is taking to protect the health of attendees:

- Bathrooms outside the ballroom are being frequently cleaned and sanitized through the weekend including all door handles
- Doors will be propped open wherever possible
- The ballroom will be regularly cleaned of loose cups and glasses to prevent accidental sharing. Do not leave drinks unattended and expect them to still be there when you return!
- Workshops will be hard stopped at 50 minutes in order to allow everyone to go wash their hands in between each
- Hand sanitizer will be everywhere in the ballroom - please use it regularly!
- The ballrooms will be wiped down and sanitized on a regular basis through the weekend

What you can do to help everyone stay healthy:

- Bring your own water bottles if possible. We will have water stations in the ballroom but want to minimize the number of people accidentally sharing cups
- If you feel at all sick - please stay home! We are happy to hold your pass for next year
- If you sneeze or cough during a class, please cover your mouth or use a tissue, and go wash your hands immediately
- Bring any extra hand sanitizer just in case
- Come with a positive attitude and open mind

Our Thursday night Pre-Parties are still on as well!

#Prepartynorth at The Post will run as a regular social dance with classes for beginners and intermediates beforehand.

#Prepartysouth at Do Your Own Swing has taken some additional preventative measures with the more restrictive recommendations in Santa Clara County and will be having contact-free beginner and intermediate classes, followed by solo movement practice and an intention setting discussion led by Courtney Adair to help you plan for the weekend.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to message us! We are not refunding passes, but we do allow them to be transfered or held over to next year. We greatly appreciate all the support as we face these challenges and work to maintain a safe and healthy community for all!

This weekend is going to be an amazing experience for all and we can't wait to share it with you!