Health & Safety

This is a vaccination and testing event!

We are committed to a safe event for all attendees, staff, and volunteers. We'll continue to update this page as we monitor recommendations from the CDC, experiences of prior events, and the current status of our local community. Below are our current expectations for policy during the event, however, we reserve the right to make changes up to and through the event based on the current situation. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out here

  1. All attendees must be vaccinated for COVID-19. We also strongly recommend that you are up-to-date on boosters if you are eligible. Proof of vaccination (CDC card or digital vaccine record) is required when you check-in. Photos of your vaccine card are acceptable. 

  2. All attendees must provide proof of a negative COVID test taken less than 12 hours before checking in at the event. You must supply your own test. (COVID test kits will be available at registration for $10 each). Take your test prior to check-in, then take a photo of yourself or your ID with the completed test. Bring the photo with you when you pick up your wristband. Additional testing through the weekend and after the event is recommended. 

  3. Masks are recommended, but optional during most activities of the event. Jack & Jill competitions will require masks for all competitors. Masks are optional for strictly competitions and workshops. 

  4. All attendees will have the option without judgment to not switch partners during workshops. Instructors will ensure this is clear at the start of each class. 

  5. All workshops will be 50 minutes long to allow for hand washing and disinfecting between each workshop. Hand sanitizer will be provided by the event in multiple locations. 



[Updated 10/16/2022]

All Star SwingJam is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. To achieve this, we ask you to abide by the following code of conduct during the event. We reserve the right to handle any violations of this code of conduct as we deem necessary, up to and including ejection from the event without refund. We also reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason that does not discriminate against a protected class.



We want everyone to feel comfortable attending our event, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ability, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or other personal circumstance. Social dancing should always feel safe. You are entitled to: 

  • Choose whom you want to dance with.

  • Choose whether to lead, follow, or switch roles during the dance (with partner consent). 

  • Choose to change partners for the next dance, dance again with the same partner, or take a break. 


If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, touches you inappropriately, or hurts you, it is okay to say “no” or “stop.” You have the right to turn down an invitation to dance, or to stop dancing immediately with someone who mistreats you or ignores your wishes. You do not have to give a reason. If someone says “no” or “stop” to you, honor their request immediately. Never pressure anyone to act against their own feelings. If someone turns down your invitation to dance, move on. If someone refuses several invitations to dance, stop asking and move on. 


Thanking your partner will always be appreciated. However, unless someone specifically asks for feedback, never offer unsolicited advice, teaching, criticism, or comments about physical appearance. 


Be polite to our dance pros, event staff, volunteers, and hotel personnel. Please comply cheerfully with their requests and thank them for their service. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated. Harassment can be for many reasons and take many forms. At All Star SwingJam, the why or the how doesn’t matter—harassment is not acceptable here. Any offensive comments, hostile online communications, sexual propositions, unwelcome photography or videography, displays of sexual imagery, unwanted physical contact, physical intimidation, stalking, verbal abuse, disruption of workshops or competitions, or other harassment is not allowed. If you experience harassment during our event or notice that someone else is being harassed, please contact a member of our event staff right away so that we can help put a stop to it. 



We all love trying new dance patterns and movements, but please be mindful of the inherent risk of injury to yourself, your partner, and anyone else in the vicinity of your dance. Avoid forceful movements that could cause an injury by yanking or jerking your partner, or making your partner move before they are ready. Avoid lifts, drops, or other dramatic weight-supported moves that your partner may not be prepared for. (For example, don’t suddenly throw yourself or your partner into a dip, and do not try to force a partner into a dip or drop that they resist by pushing them, pulling them, or kicking out their feet). You never know when someone might be nursing a tender shoulder, bad back, or cranky hip. You also don’t know when your “tricks” could accidentally cause those issues for someone. Be mindful of other dancers around you to avoid accidental collisions and potential injuries.

Be especially careful when the dance floor gets crowded. If anyone near you falls or is injured, please offer immediate assistance and check if they are okay. If you see that someone needs medical attention, contact a member of our staff immediately. In an emergency, call 911. 


Please be prepared to show your event wristband at any time if asked. All attendees must purchase the appropriate entry pass and may not enter or attend any functions of the event without doing so. 


Attendees with prior issues up to and including a conviction for any type of violent or sexual offense may be subject to additional event restrictions at the director’s discretion up to and including a permanent ban. Please reach out to the event directly if this policy may apply to you or if you have questions/concerns about another attendee. For any concerns that are brought to our attention, we'll gather as much information as possible on the situation, which is then jointly reviewed by both Directors, the Head DJ, the Head Judge, and the Staff Mentor for any actions that may need to be taken. 


Dancers of all ages and levels of ability will be at our event. You can help grow our dance community by welcoming beginners and demonstrating to parents that dancing is a safe activity for their children. Our door monitors are volunteers, please treat them with respect and direct any questions or concerns to senior event staff. If you cant find a senior event staff member, please approach the Registration desk or DJ booth and they will assist you promptly. 


Don’t solicit our attendees for any cause (no matter how worthy), or sell any goods or services, if you have not received approval to do so from event staff (A table will be available for other event flyers). 


Per California state law, no smoking is allowed in any of the indoor public areas of the hotel. This includes e-cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas. Alcohol and Marijuana use are always subject to all rules of law and the event facilities. Do not provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Anyone under the age of 21 caught drinking during the event may be ejected without a refund. Do not damage, steal, or touch another person’s belongings without their permission. We will report offenders of any of these policies to hotel staff or the police if necessary. We will ask hotel security to remove anyone who appears to be a potential danger to others, or who engages in disorderly or destructive behavior. Those who cause property damage will be personally liable. 


Price gauging of any kind will not be tolerated. Purchasing passes or booking rooms in the room block with the intent to resell at a higher price is not allowed and may result in the cancellation of reservations and a permanent ban from the event without a refund. If you are unable to attend the event after purchasing a pass, you are welcome to post on the FB event page to resell at or below the original price you purchased it for. Attendees are limited to booking no more than one hotel room in our block without prior permission from the event directors. 




Contact one of the All Star SwingJam event directors: 

If you cannot reach Lauren or Chris, ask an All Star SwingJam staff member at registration or the DJ Booth for help. 


Thank you for attending All Star SwingJam and helping us make this a fun, fantastic event for everyone!

*Code of Conduct created with the help of Boogie by the Bay, Chicago Classic, Rose City Swing Events, DanceJam Productions, and The Boston Tea Party.