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EVERYONE has something to learn, and EVERYONE has something to teach!

All Star Swingjam is a West Coast Swing event with the goal of providing opportunities to the next generation of champion dancers while offering attendees an outstanding experience to move you further on the path to your dance goals.


All of our Instructors, judges, and DJs are All-Star level competitors who are dedicated to growing their communities, promoting the dance, and constantly improving their knowledge and understanding of swing. They bring a wide variety of backgrounds and training that make each one of them a unique and engaging addition to our staff.  Each year we handpick from among the All-Star ranks, looking for those who are most committed to the growth and betterment of our communities. They spend their weekend with our motto in the forefront of their mind - EVERYONE has something to learn, and something to teach. As such, you'll frequently see our staff participating in each other's workshops and working with our staff mentor to broaden their views and skills. We invite every attendee to follow the example they set and look to your peers as well as mentors for growth opportunities. 


The workshops All Star SwingJam offers are chosen to provide the greatest variety of specific topics possible so there is something for everyone, no matter your level or dance focus. We offer multiple workshop tracks, and rewards for those who complete a full track each year. Our workshops will focus on concepts and background rather than patterns so that you can apply that knowledge in a way that works for your individual dancing. In addition, we offer a select number of discussion workshops on topics outside of dance instruction to broaden your thinking with our Fireside Chats. These are moderated discussions encouraging participants to offer their questions and views on a range of topics within our community and dance.  

All Star SwingJam is about COMMUNITY. We are committed to a safe, warm and welcoming environment for all levels, ages, genders, and commitments to dance. As such, we will hold each attendee and staff member to our Code of Conduct

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