Competition Rules


All competitors must have a full weekend pass to compete in the leveled Jack and Jill and Strictly divisions.

Attendees may compete in the All American Jack & Jill with a single night or weekend pass. 

Entry deadlines are 1 hour before each contest begins. 





Novice J&J:

- Has less than 15 Novice Level WSDC Points


A competitor with 15 or more points in the Novice division may select to remain in novice IF

-They have never competed in a higher WSDC division

-They have less than 30 Novice Level WSDC Points


Intermediate J&J:

-Has fewer than 30 WSDC Intermediate points


A competitor with 30 or more points in the Intermediate division may select to remain in Intermediate IF

-They have never competed in a higher WSDC division

-They have less than 45 Intermediate Points

Masters J&J

- Competitors must be 50 years of age or older

- They may be of any skill level


Advanced J&J:

-Has fewer than 45 WSDC Advanced points

A competitor with 45 or more points in the Advanced division may select to remain in Advanced IF

-They have accumulated less than 60 Advanced points in the past 36 months

-They have less than 3 All Star points earned within the last 36 months


All-Star J&J:

-Has at least 45 WSDC advanced points within the last 36 months* 

*Point/Division status was frozen by the WSDC as of March 2020 and currently remains in effect. If you were eligible for this division in March of 2020, you will still be eligible in March 2022. 

  Strictly Swing Duck Season:

Each strictly partnership must consist of 1 Novice Competitor and 1 Intermediate Competitor. 


Strictly Swing Rabbit Season:

Each strictly partnership must consist of 1 Advanced Competitor and 1 All Star Competitor


All American J&J:

Each entrant randomly paired with a partner of any level. Open to all levels, beginner to professional. 






All Star SwingJam is a gender neutral event. All competitors may select the role to dance in which they feel most comfortable. In accordance with recent WSDC rule changes, competitors may now dance in both roles, provided they are eligible for different levels in each role. 

(for example, a person may enter as an intermediate follow and an advanced lead during the same event). A person may compete in their leveled J&J in one role and Strictly or All American J&J in the other if they choose as well. 

All Star Swingjam will consider all petitions to dance at a different level than the above qualifications.

Decisions of the Chief Judge to grant petitions is final. 

All petitions must be submitted on the official WSDC Petition form

Dress Code:

Dress Code for all competitions is casual and comfortable. Informal clothing such as jeans and T-shirts will not be penalized, however, judges may still consider the aesthetic and technical effects clothing choices have on a competitor's dance. 

J&J Finals theme: Wear your favorite WCS Event T Shirt! 




All Star SwingJam is approved to award WSDC Points in 2022!