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Swing Majors


Swing majors:

Build Your Own Intensive! 


Every topic is important in your dance journey, but we recognize that it can be hard to find a focus or retain everything you learned and have it build from one workshop to another in a busy weekend. All Star SwingJam offers our "Swing Majors", 4 optional and customizable workshop tracks that allow you to pick a single focus in your education for the weekend in a build-your-own-adventure method. As an added bonus, each person who completes a full track will win a trophy during awards, just like our competition winners, and will be entered in a drawing for 2 free passes to our 2024 event! 


Following the recommended tracks is completely optional, all workshops are open to all attendees, however, anyone choosing to complete a full track and be eligible for the awards must complete in a single track:

- 4 Required classes
- 4 Elective classes
- Leveled Individual Feedback Class


No early registration is required, just pick up your color-coded Swing Major Report Card at the registration desk as you head to your first workshop. After each class, the instructors will stamp your card. Collect all your stamps and return the cards in the designated box at the registration desk on Sunday afternoon. Lose your card during the weekend? You can request your instructor stamp a replacement card by answering 2 questions about each workshop you attended.  

Our Swing Majors:
Musicality  -  Connection  -  Footwork  -  Community



The musicality track focuses on the creative nature of West Coast Swing. Learning how to better understand the music we dance to and how to incorporate that understanding into your dance. You’ll explore different movements and how to change and adjust your dancing to express the different songs and energies we’re trying to communicate. By taking this course you’ll be more confident in your understanding, expression and communication of the music we dance to.




This track is all about the seen and unseen of our dance. Connection is the groundwork of West Coast Swing, it’s one of the reasons this dance is so unique. Being able to share your creativity and ideas with your partner with a flick of the wrist or an increase in energy is an amazing feeling. This course will focus on how to communicate with your partner, safely introduce new ideas, listen to each other, and have a genuine conversation on the dance floor.


The footwork track brings us back to our roots and grounds us in our past. We’ll incorporate some old-style swing with the most current ideas to enhance your footwork and learn how to create amazing rhythms and styles to match and enhance any song. Instructors will focus on both the action and the movement behind it to perfect your technique. 



The community track shifts your focus from thinking about what you can do within the dance to what you can do for the dance. The saying is that it takes a village to raise a baby, and a dance community is just as precious. It takes teamwork, time, and the efforts of a lot of dedicated people. Here some incredibly fun classes will help you explore ways to contribute to your community, participate in discussions about the future and growth of the dance, and gain a better understanding of all the roles that are necessary to a successful dance community. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 9.14.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 9.23.06 AM.png


Relax and settle in for a stirring conversation! 


 Each year, we offer multiple opportunities for freeform discussion with attendees and staff. Our panelists for each topic will kick things off with a question or thought and the rest is up to you. Topics will be allowed to develop naturally through the hour. Ask or answer - everyone here is both a teacher and a student! The only limits are the extent of your thoughts and opinions around our community. This is a great place for brainstorming, asking for input, and exchanging ideas all while giving your feet a short break from the dance floor. 

2024 TOPICS: 

Friday 6pm: "Routines" with Estelle, Mia, Shanna, & Za

Saturday 12pm: "A Healthy Mindset for Competition" with Anna, Gabe, Glen, & Mahala

Saturday 5pm: "Maintaining a Dance/Life Balance" with Andrew, Delancey, Phoenix, & Tien

fireside chats.jpg

leveled Individual Feedback workshops

With the ENTIRE teaching staff! 
Novice: Anna, Mahala, Tien, & Za
Intermediate: Andrew, Estelle, Glen, & Shanna
Advanced & All-Star: Delancey, Gabe, Mia, & Phoenix
A favorite of our past 3 years, this is a perfect opportunity to get feedback specific to your dancing. Classes are divided by the WSDC level you are eligible to dance in and provide an opportunity to interact on a personal level with multiple instructors.
Novice & Intermediate Formats:
    Participants will be divided into 3 rotating groups. Instructors will be divided and assigned to 2 groups, rotating every 20 minutes to a different group. Social music will be played for 1 hour, while instructors float between dancers answering questions, and offering advice. For the remaining 30 minutes, instructors will each choose an area of the dance floor and float among participants in that area. Participants are encouraged to social dance near those instructors they would like further feedback from. 
Advanced & All Star Format:
    Participants will be invited to volunteer for individual spotlighted critiques one at a time and staff instructors will offer feedback and constructive advice. 
*NOTE: Attendees late to the class are not guaranteed to receive as much or any feedback. Those wanting to take advantage should plan to attend for the full hour and a half. Breaks in activity are built in to ensure you're able to last throughout the class. 

The Puppy Play-shops

With Sir Neville and Lady Violet Longbottom




No one likes getting up early after a great night of dancing, so we've come up with the best way to wake up (no it's not Folgers in your cup). Join Neville and Violet at 10am on Saturday and Sunday for a morning PLAYshop! Grab a yoga matt, stretch, toss some balls & toys, sip your coffee, and feel warmed up for your first WORKshop at 11am! 

For the safety of all dogs and attendees, please ask us before bringing your own dog to this playshop. Dogs will need to be approved prior to start time as dogs will be off-leash. At all other times during the event, all dogs must be leashed. 


LEadership team q&A

Join our primary staff team after awards as they host a Q&A all about how our event operates. We're opening our doors and showing our "trade secrets" to the world. More details to come! 


Our Head Judge Faith Musko along with several other instructors will offer this workshop specifically focused on the skills needed for a great spotlight dance. Get the chance to dance in front of an audience before our Jack & Jills kick-off. 
Fireside Chats
Individual Feedback
Puppy Playshops
Judge's Feedback Panel
Spotlight Training
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